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The structure of the tooth basically has enamel layer, dentin and pulp. The pulp is at the heart of the tooth carrying nerves, connecting tissues and living cells. It enables the growth of the tooth by supplying nutrition. Tooth decay which extends till the pulp or an injury which cracks the tooth can bring the harmful bacteria from the oral cavity in contact with the pulp. This can cause infection of the pulp leading to toothache. Root canal therapy is a procedure performed to remove the infected or damaged pulp from the chamber and restore the tooth. Our dentists in Scottsdale clean the chamber and use dental fillings for restoration. They ensure to clear the infection so that it does not spread to other teeth. Root canal treatment in Scottsdale can quickly heal the damaged tooth and avoid dental infection in future.

Why is root canal treatment essential?

Our dentist in scottsdale confirms the root canal treatment after performing a thorough examination of your tooth. An infected pulp or a pulp which is damaged from injury may have to be replaced to protect the tooth and the other teeth nearby. Sometimes repeated restoration procedures on a tooth can damage its pulp. Infection or damage of the pulp can lead to severe toothache, if left untreated, the infection can completely destroy the tooth and spread to other tooth nearby. The infection can get into the bloodstream and affect overall health of the patient.

Root canal treatment is not advised directly as soon as the dentist notices that the pulp is inflamed. The inflammation is the first stage and the infection is the second of pulp damage. Both these stages have different symptoms. So how do you know if you have to get a root canal treatment? Our dentist is someone who can rightly advise you. Following are some of the conditions which may give you a hint that a root canal treatment is necessary.

  • There is pain in the tooth when you bite.
  • The tooth is sensitive to heat/cold and sensitivity lasts for quite some time.
  • The tooth is broken.
  • The tooth is discolored.

Through root canal treatment, the dentist removes the infected pulp and cleans the chamber to ensure that there are no remains of infection.

Root Canal Procedure in Scottsdale

Our dentist in Scottsdale first examine your tooth, takes X-rays, and then questionnaire with the patient, it will help in checking the condition of tooth. On confirmation that a root canal treatment is necessary our dentist speaks to patients about the same and makes them understand the need. A local anesthetic is administered on patient when performing the root canal treatment. Dental dams are used to isolate the tooth from the surrounding and keep the area clean from saliva. An opening is made in the tooth and dental instruments are used to remove the pulp and clean the chamber. Bio-compatible materials are used to fill the pulp chamber. Finally, the opening is closed using dental filling materials and a dental crown is cemented over the tooth to protect it.

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