Dentures Vs Dental Implants – What's Right for You?

Dentures Vs Dental Implants – What's Right for You? Scottsdale, AZ

Missing teeth can affect more than just your appearance. If you have lost your teeth and considering replacement options, then take a look at the difference between dental implants and dentures. For more information on which dental procedure best suits you, contact us today.

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Important Facts About Dental Implants

Important Facts About Dental Implants |  Scottsdale, AZ

Looking for information about Dental Implants? Then, you're in the right place. A dental implant offers the opportunity to restore your teeth to their former glory. With natural-looking teeth, a dental implant can considerably improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

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What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive Dentistry

Let us know about one of the best values in health care today, 'preventive dentistry'. The regular services the general dentist provides can help save your teeth and even your life. Dentists are often the first to recognize symptoms of serious health conditions such as oral cancer, AIDS, and anorexia to name a few

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Symptoms of common dental problems

dental problems

The most common oral problems are gum infection common in smokers, dry mouth lack of adequate saliva affected by some pills and diseases, problems with gums or teeth, bad breath. Oral diseases cause not only mouth but that affect different parts of the human body so, it is essential to know the signs and symptoms to ensure a healthy white smile.

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Choosing The Right Dentist For You

Choosing Right Dentist in Scottsdale

If you're searching for smile makeover, there are a few things you can do to help you in your research and getting the right doctor to fix the smile, now one of the ways to do it is to start with online and search cosmetic dentists near me or someone who is got particular interest in making us more beautiful.

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General Dentist vs Cosmetic Dentist

General Dentist vs Cosmetic Dentist

Patients often want to know the difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. In the past decade there's been a dramatic interest in cosmetic dentistry and we all realize that our smile can improve our appearance and allow us to smile with confidence, advances in cosmetic dentistry can drastically improve your smile with quick painless dental treatment, where, general dentistry will maintain your dental health.

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Dental care that lasts a lifetime

Dental care that lasts a lifetime

You brush and floss daily, visit the dentist frequently and eat a healthy diet. What else can you do to keep your oral health best? Drinking fluoridated water remains to be the most reliable and efficient way to protect against tooth decay, according to a report by the U.S. Surgeon General. If bottled water without fluoride is your family’s main source of drinking water, or if you have a filtration system in your home that eliminates fluoride from your tap water, ask your nearby dentist if you or your children should add fluoride to your diet.

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How do dental implants really work?

How Do Dental Implants Really Work

A dental implant is a fixture that is usually made of medical-grade titanium, there are also other materials that can be used such as cornea ceramic and even ones that are a hybrid of titanium and zirconium together. However, titanium is by far the most commonly used and recommended because there is a very good scientific evidence and it is highly biocompatible and the body accepts it very well. It is also a highly durable material that can withstand many years of biting forces. A dental implant must be made of titanium, a fortunate discovery made in the 1950s proved that not only does the body tolerate the presence of titanium bone actually seems to like it.

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Can our dentist take care of your family?

Family Dentistry Scottsdale

Rejuvenation Dental, a Family Dentistry at Scottsdale, we focus on our patients need and we do whatever it takes to make sure patients are pleased and satisfied. We see patients of all ages, we provide a wide range of preventive, restorative and, cosmetic dental care at Scottsdale.

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Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures around, because of it's an easy method, most dentists offer it and it's one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your smile.

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Why Visit Our Dental Office In Scottsdale?

Dental Clinic in Scottsdale

What makes a good relationship between the patients and their dental office? How you choose a dental office will depend upon the care and services you expect from us. At Rejuvenation Dental Clinic, each patient walk through our door is unique. We aim to achieve your beautiful smile you deserve to have. Let's check why you should visit our dental clinic located in Scottsdale, AZ.

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What is a cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a part of the Oral Care treatments that brings a good look on your face along with a confident smile you deserved to have. Our cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale, AZ will improve your mouth, teeth, and a healthy smile. There are different types of procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry, in which few are simple where you can perform at home by yourself and some of them are tricky that requires to visit a dentist near to you.

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How To Find A Good Dentist?

How To Find A Good Dentist?

When you are looking for a dentist you will have many questions in your mind like the popularity of dentist, cost of the dental treatments, insurance plans available with clinics, reviews/ratings and how effective treatment they provide, etc...

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How to Become a General Dentist?

How to Become a General Dentist

Dentists diagnose and treat a variety of dental conditions from cracked teeth to gum disease. They may also educate patients and help prevent oral health problems. Dentists also screen for conditions, such as oral cancer. Some dentists choose to focus on a specific area of dentistry such as orthodontics or periodontics while others provide general dentistry and primary care....

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How Can Veneers Enhance my Teeth?

Dental Veneers Scottsdale AZ

Most people aren’t born with perfect teeth – far from yet. Yet over the course of the last decade, the appearance of our smile seems to be more important than ever before. People who have teeth that are white, with a uniform shape, size and overall appearance are generally believed to be more attractive...

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What Are The Best Ways To Clean Dentures?

Dental Invisalign Scottsdale AZ

Tooth loss is an unavoidable part of life. Despite our best efforts to maintain a robust oral hygiene routine in a bid to keep our natural teeth as long as possible, almost all of us will lose at least one permanent tooth in our lifetime. Statistics shared by the American College of Prosthodontists...

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Which Type of Sedation Dentistry is Right for You?

Sedation Dentistry Scottsdale AZ

If your hands shake, your heart races and you feel a sense of trepidation at the thought of visiting the dentist then you almost certainly have some degree of dental anxiety. While fear of the dentist is a well-known cliché, the fact is that the condition is very real and affects as many as 15% of adult...

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Advantages of Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures Scottsdale AZ

With evidence of their use dating back to around 700BC, it is safe to say that dentures have been around for a very long time. Prosthetic teeth used to replace those which are missing in the human mouth, they restore both the function and appearance of our smiles when we have lost most of the teeth...

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How to Care For your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign Aligners Scottsdale AZ

It is completely normal to have teeth that aren’t perfectly aligned. However, alignment problems such as teeth that are twisted, crooked or have gaps between them, as well as issues with an under or overbite, can spell disaster for both our dental health and the appearance of our smile.

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What is the difference between Invisalign and Braces?

Orthodontics Scottsdale AZ

If you are suffering from teeth that are twisted, crooked, gapped or otherwise misaligned, then our dentist may have spoken to you about orthodontic treatments and what your options are regarding correcting these issues. Most people tend to think of orthodontic treatments purely as a way to improve your appearance...

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When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Tooth Scottsdale A

The wisdom teeth are the very last teeth that erupt during our lifetime, usually appearing sometime between the ages of 18 and 25 although this can vary between patients. They are named wisdom teeth because of their late arrival, when we are older and supposedly wiser! Most people have...

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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Kids?

Sedation Treatment for Kids

Your children are undoubtedly the most precious thing in your life, so it is little surprise that safety is parent’s biggest concerns when it comes to any type of dental treatment, and in particular, sedation dentistry. Nevertheless, there are many circumstances in which using sedation to perform dental treatments...

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What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening Scottsdale A

If you wish your smile was a little whiter and a little brighter, you most certainly aren’t alone. We are surrounded by images of famous faces all sharing one key attribute – super-bright teeth. Sadly, very few of us have teeth that are naturally white. The yellowing of teeth can be attributed to a variety of factors...

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Steps Involved in Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Root. Canal. Two words that are enough to strike fear into the heart of many patients. However, the reputation of root canal treatment is more than a little unfair. While it remains an invasive procedure and, in many cases, the only way to save a natural tooth that is badly infected, modern techniques...

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How Strong Are Dental Implants Compared To Real Teeth?

 Dental Implants Scottsdale AZ

It is very easy to take our teeth for granted. However, when someone loses a tooth it can affect both their physical and emotional health. You may find it harder to eat and speak, and you probably feel embarrassed or even ashamed about the appearance of your teeth and smile.

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Are Titanium Dental Implants Safe?

Implants Tooth Scottsdale AZ

The short answer is Yes! Titanium dental implants have been used for more than five decades and are a safe and effective tool to be used in your oral health. Over this time period, titanium has been extensively studied and researched and continues to be shown as a great formula for durable, effective, and healthy implants...

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Sedation Dentistry Vs General Anesthesia

Sedation Dentist Scottsdale AZ

A lot of patients avoid going to the dentist out of fear that it will be painful. Like other forms of medicine, dentistry uses anesthetics to ease discomfort during dental treatments, like routine cavity fillings or root canals. However, some patients are more sensitive to routine dental treatments...

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When to Replace a Dental Crown

Dental Crown Scottsdale AZ

With proper care, dental crowns can last a long time. Some patients report that they are able to retain their crowns for as long as 15 years, thanks to a robust routine of cleaning and being careful with what they eat and how they floss. Nevertheless, crowns are not designed to last forever and chances are...

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What are the Best Remedies for a Toothache?

Best Remedies for a Toothache

Toothaches are considered one of the most painful physical experiences a human can endure. It seems like toothaches always strike at the most inopportune times, like the middle of the night or other times outside of the dentist’s regular office hours.

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